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Summary0000006: Handle nodes falling on rails
DescriptionRequires ideas _how_ to handle this properly.
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codexp commented on 9 May •
how do you prevent that?
The only prevention I could think of is by building rail tracks inside tunnels or make a roof along the rails, but how will this look like?

Maybe putting protection blocks in the air above rails, so players would not be able to place blocks above rails and let them fall, but how high do you want to go?

In my case snow fell from a tree growing on a cliff above a tunnel entrance, this was just a coincidence.
But griefers could do that too, on purpose.

This would make a little more complex train network very unstable. Who would even bother fixing trains all the time?

orwell96 commented on 9 May
I didn't think of exact implementation details yet. Maybe one could override the falling node entity to make nodes drop whenever they fall into a track area. This would, however, be a configuration option, because the only reason to enable it is griefers on public servers.
Then, it's also OK for falling nodes to destroy rails.
Except for snow. Snow is not heavy enough to destroy a rail, so it should be laying on top of the rails (like it does when it falls on torches)...

codexp commented on 9 May
Would snow on rails also stop a train like this #117?

orwell96 commented on 9 May
Yes. You need a snowplug vehicle to clear off the snow
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